School Resource Officers (SROs) present information to AVID classes

Calina He

School Resource Officers (SROs) at CHS are presenting campus safety tips to AVID classes, according to School Resource Officer Blake Lytle.

With COVID-19, things have been super difficult. We are going to be in a couple of AVID classes just talking over campus safety as our seniors transition to college,” said Lytle. “We will be doing this into February. We are always looking for opportunities to get involved and help other students.”

According to Lytle, SROs have not had many chances to talk in classes due to COVID-19. Lytle said social distancing guidelines and hybrid schedules have limited chances for SROs to be in the classroom.

Jones McNammer, hybrid student and senior, said he is in AVID classes and is looking forward to the presentation from the SROs.

“AVID is a class I have taken through four years of high school and each year it has helped me with the college process,” McNammer said. “We are doing (the presentations) in the next couple of classes. I am looking forward to learning about campus safety and what the SROs do for the school when different situations occur.”