Media Center Introduces New Book Clubs, Displays


The media center is constantly changing out bulletin boards to keep up with current events and special movements. “There are a dozen displays and bookcases that happen and we change those about every month,” said Terri Ramos, media center and communications department chairperson.

Riley Laferriere

The media center has multiple events, projects and new book clubs in the works right now according to Terri Ramos, media center and communications department chairperson.

Ramos said there are currently four book clubs starting up in the high school including SilverHounds, Virtual Club, #CurrentlyReading and the SSRT book club. Because of Covid-19, Ramos claimed she initially postponed doing book clubs, but now that everyone is becoming familiar with the flow of Covid-19 protocols, she is launching these four for the second semester.

Media center user and sophomore Amanda Valenzuela said via email, “I think it’s a good impact for the students who are interested in certain (book clubs) to be able to put (their) love for it out there and give them a safe space and almost like a little break from anything going on.”

Ramos also mentioned through the month of February there are also many long-term events and special time periods being highlighted in the library, including Best Book of 2020, Library Lovers Month and Black History Month.

Along with the new book clubs, Ramos and other staff members have begun a movement around the highschool to spread more positivity. According to Ramos, the staff has been hiding different papers, notes and prizes hidden around the school as part of the ‘Happiness Project.’ “This semester always seems a little bit longer than last semester,” she said. “It’s just something to keep people happy and upbeat I hope.”

Valenzuela said she appreciates the effort. “With this year being so crazy it’s important to spread joy because you don’t know what people are going through and the slightest thing can really lift a person up!”