Students share original art during Youth Art Month

Raghav Sriram

Q&A with Senior Eads Fouché 

What is your inspiration for these two pieces of artwork?

The piece on the left is inspired by two pictures I found. The ceramic pieces were from the Coral Bouquet by Elizabeth Shiver. The ceramic piece on the right was inspired by the works of Lynda Ladwig. Those pieces caught my attention because they were unique and I liked the movement that they created.

Why do you think art education is important?

I think that through art you can learn a lot about your history, about different cultures… But also art really focuses on creative thinking and, actually, critical thinking skills.

Senior Eads Fouché created these two pieces below. The top piece was created in 2019 and is called Blue Coral. It was made with organic coral form finished in blue and white high-fire glazes. He said he is currently working on the piece in the bottom photo. More of his work can be found here.

Submitted Photo: Eads Fouché
Submitted Photo: Eads Fouché


Q&A with Junior Yiling Li

Junior Yiling Li said she created this drawing for her AP 2-D Art Design portfolio called “Divided by Unity.” She said her inspiration for this artwork was the idea that “Perfection is an asymptote,” a quote from When Breath Becomes Air. (Submitted Photo: Yiling Li)

What was your inspiration for this artwork?

I tried to demonstrate how perfection could only exist as an asymptote by drawing connections with face-center cubic packing from chemistry. Despite face-center being the closest packing for lattice structures, it still doesn’t fit the entire cubic unit which demonstrates how even in the natural world, perfection is unattainable.

Why do you think art education is important?

Art education is important because it teaches students how to visually communicate their ideas. This allows students to learn how to effectively convey their ideas and control what their audience sees.


Q&A with Freshman Jane Martens

How do you personally plan on celebrating National Youth Art month?

I’ve been trying to sketch every day, just for as long as I can. And I think that for National Youth Art month, I’m going to try and focus on doing a different medium every day. Like, just today, I was doing some stuff with some inks, and it’s not usually something that I do, but I think it’s important to explore.

Why do you think art education is important?

We’re consuming a lot of media, but we aren’t really creating a lot. And I think that’s important in our happiness. And I think that art is a good way of expressing yourself. And especially during COVID times, that’s pretty important.

Freshman Jane Martens created this painting of a cat. Martens said, “I think I’ve been an artist my entire life but I only really got involved around seventh grade. And I got involved because a lot of my friends had just started doing art.” Now, she said she prefers sketching, but wants to try other media and has yet to try 3-D art.