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Nina Godbole and her family take a selfie while traveling in Poland Godbole said I guess I dont relate to one group completely but at home, its just my family so balancing has never really been an issue.
 (Submitted Photo: Nina Godbole)

Multiracial students, parents, professor share experiences, challenges with discrimination

Lorna Ding June 7, 2023

“What are you?” This is a question familiar to multiracial individuals—people who may identify with more than one race or ethnicity—like senior Aiko Ileleji, who is half-Nigerian and half-Japanese. “When...

CHS students, teachers observe evolution of feminism

CHS students, teachers observe evolution of feminism

Pahal Sehgal May 22, 2023

According to PEW Research Center, 80% of adults believe in gender equality, yet only 61% of women identify as feminists. Junior Amanda Pan, a self-titled feminist, said this is because the definition of...

In light of National College decision day on May 1, seniors reflect on possible choices

In light of National College decision day on May 1, seniors reflect on possible choices

Ayaan Nadeem May 1, 2023

National College decision day is on May 1. At this point, most schools require students to pick which school they plan to attend. For senior Sarah Dawood, in order to decide on which college to go...

Government teacher Dominique Camara checks in with her students during an activity in class on April 20. Camara said people tend to have the similar political views as their parents.

Students, teachers discuss shifts in political ideologies

Ayaan Nadeem April 30, 2023

According to a study conducted by Penn State University in 2015, 51.2% of children reject their parents political ideology or political affiliations. Erika Lawrence, member of Young Democrats Club and...

Sophomores Lynn Perrin and Izzy Holtz partake in a discussion about issues that trans students face at school and in life in general during the GSA meeting on Wednesday, April 19.

Students, assistant principal respond to new anti-LGBTQ legislation

Lorna Ding April 28, 2023

Deadnaming is the act of referring to someone by the name they no longer use, and if junior Ren Olson had to come out as transgender again today, he said there would be a possibility he would choose to...

Senior Bryan Rivas visits the Neuschwanstein castle in Capri, Italy on his field trip to central Europe, accompanied by 19 other students. The castle is commonly known for being the inspiration behind the famous Cinderella story. “We had a really long walk up a hill to get to the castle, but it was most definitely worth every second,” Rivas said.

With greater focus on global education, students explore world through international field trips

Archit Kalra and Pahal Sehgal April 18, 2023

For senior Bryan Rivas, visiting the island of Capri, Italy was an awe-inspiring experience. “We rode a gondola to the top of the island, where it seemed like you were on top of the world,” Rivas...

Sophomore Eric Zhu sits on a toilet with his laptop open. Zhu said that his company Aviato is a way for people to engage in venture capitalism anywhere, anytime. (Submitted photo: Eric Zhu)

Students reflect on job experiences, apply them to future careers

Royce Brown April 8, 2023

Junior Hayden Kress fidgets with his pen as he works on completing his homework for precalculus/trigonometry. Tapping the pen on his desk, twisting the cap and clicking it, he does anything to keep himself...

Senior Avery Guo works on a digital art project on her laptop. Guo said she uses a keyboard cover so that she can draw with her e-pencil without having to touch the screen.

Creativity accelerated by COVID-19, students reflect on pandemic three years ago

Evelyn Foster March 31, 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic shackled many people to their houses for months on end. But for those like Avery Guo, president of the Artist’s Association and senior, this wasn’t such a bad thing. Over the...

Sophomore Abbygale “Abby” Karpinski naps on a desk during SSRT on March 14, 2023. Karpinski said that due to the number of classes she is taking she is often overwhelmed with the amount of work she has to do.

Sleep deprivation influences student academics, health

Ayaan Nadeem March 27, 2023

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, a teenager needs around 9 to 9.5 hours of sleep a night, but junior Pari Batra said she doesn’t get close to that amount. “I get an average of four to five hours...

Students, social worker share near-miss experiences, reflect on impacts

Students, social worker share near-miss experiences, reflect on impacts

Lorna Ding March 23, 2023

Content warning: This story includes references to a car accident and trauma exposure. Senior Ali Schuman and her mom go to the gym every Friday morning at 6 a.m. However, one morning in April of 2022...

Senior Kyle Sarjent assists a customer in finding a movie on March 4, 2023. Junior Sam Hankins said COVID has affected hiring by reducing the amount of workers that can be on the clock at the same time and we now use more cleaning and sanitation methods like wearing masks and gloves.”

Students, CCRC counselors explore premise of part-time jobs for students, finding pros, cons

Matthew Du March 17, 2023

Junior Sam Hankins works at Flix Brewhouse, a theater and restaurant. He said the experience of working at a part-time job has helped him in other areas. “I run people's food, I make drinks sometimes...

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