Students, city officials discuss effects of suburban expansion on environment

Students, city officials discuss effects of suburban expansion on environment

Royce Brown and Sam Hawkins May 20, 2022

A paradox of modern life is that many people move away from cities to come closer to nature. Often, those people end up moving into suburbs, where space is more abundant and properties encompass more land...

Electrified – A Look at Electric Vehicles

Electrified – A Look at Electric Vehicles

Archit Kalra and Daniel Tian April 20, 2022

Click here to view an interactive webpage that contains more information on electric vehicles.

Sophomore Zara Niazi listens to music while working in the Carmel Cafe. Niazi said that during Ramadan, to practice her faith, she stops listening to music and fasts during daylight hours.

Fasting during month of Ramadan impacts performance of Muslim students

Dariush Khurram March 30, 2022

Every year, sophomore Zara Niazi spends a month without eating or drinking every day from sunrise to sunset. She is one of many Muslim students at this school and around the world who participate in Ramadan,...

Students, staff discuss cultural detachment, stigma within CCS

Arya Pinnamaneni March 25, 2022

When sophomore Adama Barry had a conversation with her friends, she was surprised to find they also occasionally felt stuck between two worlds and didn't feel understood in either. “I’m Guinean,...

Senior Jenna Griffin lies down on a couch. Griffin said
learning to control and be aware of your dreams, known as lucid dreaming, was a complex task at first but got easier to do
over time. “I can be like, ‘I want to lucid dream’ and I do that falling
sensation and I’m where I
need to be,” Griffin said.
“If it was a stressful day, I could go to the beach or something, and just dream about the ocean.”

Students practice controlling their own dreams

Claire He and Kruti Subbannavar March 21, 2022

Senior Jenna Griffin was in fifth grade, lying in bed asleep, when she wanted to go back and experience being on the cruise trip she had sailed over a holiday.  “I wanted to be there again, so I...

Sophomore Tejasvi Tadikonda (left) speaks with some friends, including sophomore Maahi Wason (right). Tadikonda said people should make an effort to learn the correct pronunciation of someone’s name. “When you say my name wrong multiple times it just looks like you really just don’t care, and that’s a big red flag,” she said.

Students with mispronounced names share experiences in light of Celebrate Your Name Week

Lorna Ding March 3, 2022

Sophomore Tejasvi Tadikonda cannot count how many names she has. Her name is pronounced THAY-jahs-vee, but people also call her T.J., TEE-jahs-vee and teh-JAWS-vee. On the first day of school, Tadikonda...

Freshman Eesha Singh (right) speaks with freshman Nicole Awabdy about a school project. Singh said she believes unstructured time helps students spend their time more meaningfully while at school.

In light of February being National Time Management Month, students look at pros, cons of unstructured time

Safin Khatri and Arya Pinnamaneni February 23, 2022

Last year, millions of students transitioned into virtual and hybrid classroom settings because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, as students transition back into full-time in-person learning, many students'...

Members of the Black Student Alliance (BSA) play a trivia game during a meeting. Vanessa Rasaki, junior and president of the BSA, said, “Trying to get people educated is a big thing for us this (Black History Month).”

Students, teachers confront stigma, reflect on perception of African-American Vernacular English (AAVE)

Royce Brown and Chenyao Liu February 17, 2022

Vanessa Rasaki, co-President of the Black Student Alliance (BSA) and junior, has spent the past couple of months planning for Black History Month. “(The BSA) met with the school administrators so...

The Mothman is an inhabitant of the U.S. and many people around the country have reported sightings. The first sighting was in a small town in West Virginia in the 1960s. Recent sightings are mostly in Chicago and near Lake Michigan.

Students, cryptozoologist discuss existence of mythical creatures

Royce Brown January 25, 2022

Junior Chloe Jones wears her hat with Mothman, one of her favorite cryptids, on it. For Jones, cryptids have been a long-time interest. She said she has done extensive research on them, especially Mothman....

Juniors Teresa Yu (left) and Mindy Sim (right) review Yu’s AP U.S. History test during a peer tutoring session. Sim, who tutors AP U.S. History while currently taking the class, said teaching others the material she’s currently learning also helps her understand it better.

Students, teachers explore non-traditional learning strategies at CCS

Chenyao Liu December 13, 2021

  CLC provides project-based path to graduation After spending around two weeks at CHS, junior Ella York transferred to the Carmel Learning Center (CLC), an alternative education service...

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