Amnesty International struggling to plan Night of Rights


The human rights club Amnesty International will host its next meeting on March 17 at 3:15 p.m. in Room C128. According to Jennifer Davis, sponsor and art department chairperson, the club usually meets every Gold Wednesday.

“We are still trying to plan Night of Rights concert. Right now we are struggling to find a date in April where the stadium is available,” Davis said.

According to Tim Chai, vice president and senior, Night of Rights is an awareness concert spreading the message of the club’s campaigns over the past year. The two major campaigns the club has introduced include the general topic of business and human rights, which further delve into issues with Shell Oil and Coca-Cola.

The club is also considering joining efforts with the Invisible Children Club for the concert. Invisible Children is also having trouble scheduling a date at the stadium, according to Davis. By seeking to combine their efforts, the two clubs hope to work out a solution to finding a date. By Steven Chen <[email protected]>