Summer school to begin June 1, finishes on July 24


This year, the summer school program will begin on June 1 through June 26. The second session of Summer School begins on Monday June 29 and finishes on Friday, June 24. Any student pre-registered for summer school, which occurred during their scheduling appointment, should have received a form that they should fill out and return to the Counseling Center.

Summer school is a rather popular option, according to freshman Isaac Watson, who plans to take P.E. II during the second session. “I think it’s great,” Watson said, “especially for people who would rather not take gym in the school year.”

Watson said although it may take up some time during summer break, it really is not that bad. “It’s not like you’re there the whole day or anything” he said, “You’re only there for a while.”

Director of Counseling Linda Skafish said, “(Summer school) is a good option for students seeing at it frees up their school to possibly take more electives or any other class.”

Skafish said that classes such as P.E. and Mathematics are offered in the Summer School program.

“Attendance is crucial, though,” Skafish said. “During the first session, students are required to attend 72 out of the 80 hours of Summer School to avoid failure of that particular class.”

Skafish also said that due to the fact there is no summer school on July 3, students must attend 72 out of the 76 hours of Summer School in the second session.

“In the first session, kids can’t miss more than two days, and in the second session, they can’t miss more than one.” Summer school classes run from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

“I get that you can’t afford to miss a whole bunch of days in summer school,” Watson said, “but I still think that it’s worth it. This way, I’ll be able to take more classes I want to next year.” By Keshav Masani <[email protected]>