Training for first overnight Model U.N. conference

Evelyn Foster

Approximately 30 Model U.N. students will be attending the upcoming conference. Historically, Carmel has done well at this conference, and Model U.N. sponsor Sandy Gardener said she hopes for the same outcome this year.

“(The students) are doing really well. We have a lot of new students, and we have a few old students that are helping to guide them, but we have a lot of new students, and they’re really well-spoken. They know history, and they’re getting used to how to participate using notes and so forth,” said Gardener. “I feel like they’re becoming even better prepared… and our delegates usually do rather well.”

Dev Mathur, Model U.N. officer and senior, says he usually enjoys the IU conference.

“There are going to be people from all over the country at IU, and the way that people approach these global issues that you can be faced with is really unique to see,” said Mathur. “How all of us with different perspectives, from cultural backgrounds, and different geographic locations from all around the (country) all come together and try to propose solutions. It shows a lot about our perspective towards the past, how we think about the present, (and) how we’re gonna think about the future as well.”