Academic Decathlon to have callout meeting Sept. 13


The Academic Decathlon team is currently recruiting members in preparation for its first callout meeting on Sept. 13 after school in Room B214, according to Kevin Song, vice president and senior.

“We’re specifically looking for people with around a 3.0 GPA. We have our upper level, varsity team, filled but not the bottom levels,” team co-sponsor Wendy Gerardot said.

The team competes on three different levels, each  based on GPA, with three people in each group.

“Typically, the best teams are strong in all divisions. Right now, we’re trying to find students that may not be academically perfect but are willing to compete and work hard,” Song said.

According to Gerardot, the theme is year is the Great Depression. It will span across various areas such as art, music, and literature, including a book written about the time period.

“Students who enjoy the thrill of competition and want to diversify what they’ve learned in school will find Academic Decathlon enjoyable, even fun,” Song said. By Andy Yang <[email protected]>