CHS Cheer Team to Travel to Pendleton for Competition

The cheerleading team warm up with static before an afternoon practice. A normal practice consists of dynamic and static stretching, and team and individual skills.

Jess Canaley

October 7, 2017

On Sat. Oct. 7, the CHS competitive cheerleading team will head to Pendleton High School to perform in one of their highest competition showcases. The team is still focusing on fundamentals and strengthening individual skills in preparation for the competition.     McKenna Abby, junior and varsity chee...

CHS Competitive Cheerleading Team prepares for New Palestine

Teammates Marissa Kepler (left), McKenna Abbey (middle), and Taylor Gallagher (right), stretch as part of the team’s warm-ups. The team has recently been removed from the competition at Purdue but will compete at New Palestine on Sept. 30.

Jess Canaley

October 1, 2017

The CHS cheer team prepares to make the trip to New Palestine to compete in the Dragon Duel Cheerleading Championship on Saturday, Sept. 30. According to head coach Lisa Knipp, both the JV and Varsity teams are looking good with strong, but improvable skills. “We have two competition teams, a juni...

CHS welcomes coed cheer team for the first time in school history

Teammates Taylor Gallagher, junior (left), and Abby Burdette, sophomore (right), assist David Light, senior (middle), in a lift. The team enjoys having diversity despite doubts or uncertainties about this season.

Ben Traylor and Kelly Truax

September 21, 2017

In the past, the sidelines of sporting events around the country, have been filled with teams of elite, exclusively female athletes have been an integral part of high school sports. As a result, cheerleading is one of the longest traditions showcased beside amateur and professional games. The energy...

Competition cheerleading to compete in State prelims on Nov. 5.

Varsity Cheerleading stretches before practice. Before the team starts practice, the cheerleaders change, roll out the mats, and then take time to stretch during their warm up.

Kelly Truax, Reporter

October 25, 2016

As the end of its season approaches, the competition cheerleading team prepares to compete in the State prelims on Nov. 5. Emily Sheeks, varsity cheerleader and sophomore, said the team is adding difficulty to its routine because other schools have advanced routines. “(We have been) adding difficu...

Competition cheerleading to compete at Mt. Vernon on Oct. 15

Coach Voris leads the cheerleading team in various stretching exercises before they start practice. The exercises challenges the girls to stretch in a different way from their typical before practice stretching.

Kelly Truax, Reporter

October 13, 2016

The competition cheerleading team will compete on the mat at 5:30p.m. on Oct. 15. Emily Sheeks, cheerleader and sophomore, said she is looking forward to the competition. “I'm really looking forward to competing in a new stunt group because we seem to work very well together,” Sheeks said. Sheeks al...

Varsity cheerleading has a competition at Purdue University Oct. 2.

The cheerleading team warms up at practice by going through tumbling lines. They won their last competition at the Kentucky State Fair, and continue to prepare for their next.

Kelly Truax, Reporter

September 28, 2016

After winning its previous competition, the varsity cheerleading team has been working towards its next competition on Oct. 2. Varsity cheer coach Lisa Knipp said that the team has been adding difficulty to its routine. “We’ll add difficulty to transitions to our partner stunts, we’ll add diff...

Fall Cheerleading to compete at the Kentucky State Fair Cheerleading Competition on Aug. 27

Fall Cheerleading to compete at the Kentucky State Fair Cheerleading Competition on Aug. 27


August 26, 2016

All week, the fall cheerleading team has been preparing for it's competition on Aug. 27. The students will be competing on the mat at 9:45 a.m, and awards are scheduled to start at 11 a.m. Before the team competes, it will do it's specific warm up. Cheerleader and sophomore Taylor Gallagher said, ...

Recent developments in coaching gender equality causes Carmel to analyze its own coaching staff

HUDDLE UP: Head women’s volleyball coach, Matt Fishman, discusses strategy with his players. The women’s volleyball team is one of the many female teams at CHS with a male coach.


September 16, 2015

Recently, female coaches have been dominating headlines everywhere for attaining coaching positions on male professional sporting teams. Becky Hammon was not only hired as an assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs, but also led them on to victory during the NBA’s Las Vegas summer league tournament....

Women’s cheerleading squad continues to prepare for championship season


October 4, 2013

Since tryouts during the week of May 13, the cheerleading squad has been progressing through their season at full speed. “We started practicing over the summer right after school let out,” Maddie Clark, junior and junior varsity team member, said. Cuts are made for varsity and junior varsity by...