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CHS Cheer Team to Travel to Pendleton for Competition

Jess Canaley

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On Sat. Oct. 7, the CHS competitive cheerleading team will head to Pendleton High School to perform in one of their highest competition showcases. The team is still focusing on fundamentals and strengthening individual skills in preparation for the competition.

    McKenna Abby, junior and varsity cheerleader, said that the team is performing its basic competition routine decently at practices, but personally feels nervous due to recent injuries within the team.

    “We’ll be performing our basic competition routine. The first set of music is the cheer and the stunts. The second part is the words and the dance,” Abby said. “Me personally, I’m a little nervous because we’ve had to switch around some people due to injuries. I feel like as far as a team feeling we’re kind of all over the board.”

    Head Coach Lisa Knipp said the competition at Pendleton is where they typically see most of their competition for the season. The Pendleton competition will be the last regular season performances before the State competition begins.

    Knipp said, “We go to Pendleton High School which tends to showcase all of the large 6A schools that are very competitive at the state level. And then from there we strive for our Indiana State competition which is the last weekend of october and the first weekend in November.”

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