Competition cheerleading to compete at Mt. Vernon on Oct. 15


Coach Voris leads the cheerleading team in various stretching exercises before they start practice. The exercises challenges the girls to stretch in a different way from their typical before practice stretching.

The competition cheerleading team will compete on the mat at 5:30p.m. on Oct. 15.

Emily Sheeks, cheerleader and sophomore, said she is looking forward to the competition. “I’m really looking forward to competing in a new stunt group because we seem to work very well together,” Sheeks said.

Sheeks also said how the team has been preparing for the competition by practicing.

“We have definitely spent a lot of time practicing including morning practices four to five times a week along with after school practice Monday through Wednesday, and Saturday morning practice. We’re taking advantage of fall break, and practicing then too. We’ve definitely been spending a majority of the time working on our stunts because those have been struggling lately,” Sheeks said.

Varsity Coach Lisa Knipp said that the team has improved since last it’s last competition.

“They have improved on their overall performance. That includes timing, synchronization, technique of skills, not as many bobbles, not as many falls, strength under the flyers and grips. They were much more synchronized,” Knipp said.