House of Representatives to host movie night for its members


On Nov. 13, House is hosting a general movie night for its members. It will start at 7 p.m. and take place in the freshman cafeteria. House members will be watching “Toy Story 3.”

According to Cabinet member Mohammad Issa, the goal of the movie night is to raise money for Ronald McDonald House. “Our Speaker of the House David Chiang came up with this idea to make extra money,” Issa said. “We need to make $5,000 to endow (Ronald McDonald House) and we were at $4,800 after Tailgate 4 Life.”

House sponsor Sarah Wolff said she hopes the movie night will appeal to more House members. “I like running new events,” Wolff said. “Not all students like all the events we run, so hopefully a new student who hasn’t participated before will be interested in (the movie night).”

According to Wolff, House is having a pajama competition for members. The winner of the competition, picked by Cabinet, will receive a prize. “Whoever has the most creative, most spirited pajamas will win,” Wolff said.

“I’m excited to dress up,” Issa said. “It reminds me of my childhood.” By David Zheng <[email protected]>