House of Representatives to continue fundraising for Dance Marathon


 On Jan. 29, House hosted the first annual Neon Dance, which replaced Winter Formal from previous years. In the weeks leading up to Dance Marathon on Feb. 26, House will also fundraise with Cold Stone Creamery sales on Feb. 4 and Feb. 11 at lunches, an Orange Leaf fundraiser on Feb. 2, a HotBox Pizza and Noodles & Company joint fundraiser on Feb. 16 and Chick-fil-A breakfast sandwich sales on Feb. 2 and Feb. 16.

Speaker of the House David Chiang said that the basketball game, which preceded the Neon Dance, had a successful turnout, and that the dance itself was also well attended. “We just wanted to put on an event similar to Winter Formal, so (the Neon Dance) was a lot more informal and you didn’t need a date or anything,” Chiang said. “People who went told me they had a fun time, so I think it was a success.”

Laura Rummel, Cabinet member and senior, also said she thought the Neon Dance was a success. “I think it went a lot better than any of us expected it to go,” Rummel said. “Since the Neon Dance is a new event, we don’t really have anything to judge it off of, so I think it went really well in terms of attendance not only to the dance but also to the basketball game.”

According to Chiang, House is also fundraising during a Miracle Minute in SRT on Feb. 18. “The Miracle Minute is something we do annually to just increase the hype, and it’s a fun way to get everyone into the DM Spirit,” Chiang said. “We go to different SRTs, we have student government officers run around for one minute and we try to see how much we can get in donations from the school as a whole.”

Rummel said she expects another successful Miracle Minute this year. “(The Miracle Minute) is a good way to get people to get people involved, but also a really good way to raise money,” Rummel said. “We usually get a couple hundred dollars, so it’s kind of amazing how much money you can raise in one minute.” “For all students who have committed to DM, we just wanted to say thank you so much for supporting this event,” Chiang said. “We just hope everyone has a fun time raising awareness for Riley.” By David Zheng [email protected]