Best Buddies to begin application process Aug. 26


Best Buddies will have a call-out meeting on Aug. 26, Craig Maude, club activities officer and junior, said. According to Maude, from then until Sept. 6 the club will conduct its interview process, in which applicants are questioned and then, if selected, matched up with a buddy.

According to Jana Cosler, English teacher and Best Buddies sponsor, the club will then have a Match Party and Family Night sometime in the third week of September. The club has also made plans for other events throughout the school year.

“We’ll have a bowling event sometime later in the fall, we’ll probably do something with a Pacer’s game in the winter, and then on March 10 we have a Friendship Dance at the school and on April 29 there will be a statewide Friendship Walk,” Cosler said.