Pinnacle prepares for arrival of substitute teacher


Web editor and senior Emily Brungard said the Pinnacle staff is preparing for the arrival of the substitute teacher, Laura Moore, for Pinnacle adviser Nicole Laughery.

Brungard said, “I really think (Moore) will be a great substitute for (Laughery). However, I know that she will be demanding the same standards as (Laughery) does for the Pinnacle in terms of quality.”

The Pinnacle staff is looking forward to a temporary change as Laughery goes on maternity leave.

Moore said, “I want to let our customers, our audience and the ones that are paying for this yearbook, know that the quality will not suffer because of the change. The students know I still have the same expectations as (Laughery) had with them.”

According to Moore, she had been in the school for four days last month and was surprised by how the students are self-oriented. “But I know that when I come in on my first day of substituting, I can expect a high quality of work that (Laughery) demands everyday,” Moore said.

Brungard said, “It’s been great to work with (Laughery). Now is our chance to show (Laughery), and now Ms. Moore, our best edition of the Pinnacle yet.”