Wild Bunch to attend men’s varsity team basketball game on March 5


Wild Bunch plans to support CHS’s first men’s basketball Sectional for the year on Wednesday at 6 p.m.

Members of Wild Bunch go to the games to support their fellow Greyhounds. “Honestly not much changes with Wild Bunch. We all just try to attend as many events as we can,” Hanna Throgmorton, president of Wild Bunch, said.

According to Wild Bunch sponsor, Wendy Gerardot, members are already making future plans for the president of the club next year.

“I usually pick my president,” Gerardot said. “I usually wait until an enthusiastic junior girl approaches me, and I was approached by one already, and I talked to her. She seems to be like she is going to be a really good fit. She seems like she has some good ideas for next year.”