New waiver allows school to choose physical education curriculum


Superintendent Tony Bennett and the Indiana State Board of Education have allowed this school to sign a waiver form that will allow its students to earn their physical education credits in an alternative manner.

The decision was made just this year. The waiver form is optional, but if signed and approved by the State Board will allow the school to choose its physical education department’s curriculum.

“Right now, the Indiana School Board of Education requires two semesters of physical education to graduate. After allowing schools to develop the waiver, students can gain the credits in an alternative manner,” Kim TenBrink, head of the physical education department, said.

If the waiver form is approved, then students will have a chance to earn the physical education credits in a different way, such as participating in some school sponsored teams or clubs.

“Some waivers allow involvement in marching band to count as a credit. Others allow participation on a sports team to count as a credit,” TenBrink said.

TenBrink said she believes the State Board is doing the school a service by allowing this waiver form. Some people, though, do not feel the same way.

Freshman Michael Lu thinks the waiver form is unfair to some people.

“I feel that this waiver is somewhat unfair to those unable to participate in activities such as marching band and sports. Seeing that earning credits outside of school hours frees up an extra period, others should have the opportunity to earn other credits outside of school in even more different ways,” Lu said. By Chris Li <[email protected]>