New civics test graduation requirement proposed in Indiana State House of Representatives

Special Speakers:
Social studies teacher Joshua Miller lectures in his class on Feb. 13. The class was learning about the role of media, which Miller said plays a part in civic literacy today.

Lillian He

February 22, 2019

Senate Bill 132 was first read on Jan. 3 and referred to the Education and Career Development Committee. It requires the Indiana State Board of Education to provide a U.S. government exam with identical material to what is on the citizenship application test and would require high school students to pass th...

New Requirements: Indiana students will be required to meet new standards to graduate

New Requirements: Indiana students will be required to meet new standards to graduate

Anushka Dasgupta, Reporter, Speak-ups

December 14, 2017

This  November, a subcommittee of the Indiana State Board of Education, the Graduation Pathways Panel, recommended new graduation requirements for all high schoolers in Indiana. The state Board of Education approved of the plan on Dec. 7, and the switch will apply to the class of 2023 and beyond. The...

REPA III changes teaching license requirements

Tracy Hadden, AP European History teacher and social studies department chairperson, teaches her class. Veteran teachers such as Hadden may become more rare as the new REPA III law may put more inexperienced teachers into the classroom. SWETHA NAKSHATRI / PHOTO


October 10, 2014

The Indiana State Board of Education has recently approved changes to Rules for Education Preparation and Accountability (REPA III), which now states that applicants can begin teaching without teaching degrees, as long as they have a bachelor’s degree and 3.0 GPA in the subject area they want to teach,...

New waiver allows school to choose physical education curriculum


October 30, 2009

Superintendent Tony Bennett and the Indiana State Board of Education have allowed this school to sign a waiver form that will allow its students to earn their physical education credits in an alternative manner. The decision was made just this year. The waiver form is optional, but if signed and approved...