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Senior Sophia Gilliam reads to elementary school students. Gilliam said teaching children has taught her many lessons.

With Teachers’ Day on May 3, students, teacher reflect on impact of being around children, lessons learned from teaching young kids

Cady Armstrong April 25, 2022

Senior Zendalin Hibbard-Hernandez spends half of every school day assisting in the Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) room for students with disabilities at Carmel Middle School. “Every...

Clean It Up

Clean It Up

Grace Guo April 21, 2022

(Right to Left) Juniors Maddison Grave, Ellie Esrael, Aeryn Hopwood, and Livvie Miller work on teaching props to accompany their lesson plans during a G4 Kid’s Corner class on Feb. 22, 2019.

Kid’s Corner is ready to begin preschool on Feb. 26

Harini Ravichandran March 8, 2019

Kid’s Corner will be starting their semester of teaching preschoolers on Feb. 26. In order to prepare for the new batch of preschoolers, all of the students are required to have a binder full of possible...

Senior Alissa Bandejas poses for a picture on Feb. 5 after she decided on her theme for lesson plans.

Kid’s Corner begins to form learning themes

Harini Ravichandran February 24, 2019

With the first day of preschool approaching on Feb. 28, the students of Kid’s Corner are quickly deciding on learning themes and the preparation of lessons are underway. There are two teams in the class...

Junior and Advanced Child Development student Allison Roldan poses for a picture on Jan. 14 before she heads off to get B2 Advanced Child Development class.

Kid’s Corner gets ready to start a new preschool class

Harini Ravichandran January 22, 2019

As a new semester begins, Kid’s Corner will restart once again with a new batch of preschoolers and new teachers. Advanced Child Development is a semester long class and therefore, since the first semester...

Senior Sophia Long sits with a preschooler as she takes the motor skill test on Nov. 27. This test examines the preschoolers ability to cut paper, draw, and color.

Kid’s Corner gets into the winter spirit by reading fairy tales and nonfiction books

Harini Ravichandran December 1, 2018

Despite December being a very festive month, Kid’s Corner will not be partaking in the festivities of the holiday season. They have not had a Christmas party in the past years and this year is no different--Kid’s...

The students of Advanced Child Development take a ‘goofy’ group picture along with the preschoolers after trick or treating.

Kid’s Corner celebrated Halloween by hosting a Halloween party

Harini Ravichandran November 2, 2018

Kid’s Corner celebrated Halloween by hosting a Halloween party at the auditorium for the preschoolers. Everyone in the class made efforts to be festive for Halloween by dressing up in costumes. According...

Senior Alissa Bandejas teaches preschooler Breann the instructions to a colors and numbers board game during Kid’s Corner preschool on Sept. 10.

Kids’ Corner officially in session, Halloween party preparations underway

Harini Ravichandran October 27, 2018

The Kid’s Corner preschool has started. According to Kimberly Lenzo, the director of Kid’s Corner, “our current theme is colors, numbers, and shapes.” In order to help the preschoolers learn colors,...

Senior, Sophia Long, arranges the Kids Corner bulletin board.

Kid’s Corner analyzes children’s books and prepares to go to the Planetarium

Harini Ravichadran October 10, 2018

As October approaches soon, Kid’s Corner is preparing to through their annual Halloween party. In order to prepare for the party, the Advanced Child Development students are creating events that the...

Alexandra Dremonas and Hannah Nisonson, student teachers for Kids’ Corner and seniors, place snacks for Kids’ Corner in a refrigerator. Kim Lenzo, director of Kids’ Corner, said Kids’ Corner will not be in session during final examinations.  CYNTHIA YUE / PHOTO

Kids’ Corner members continue to help at preschool and placements

Beats May 6, 2015

During the final weeks of Kids’ Corner, members will continue to teach and help students at both the Kids’ Corner Preschool and placements. According to Kids' Corner director Kimberly Lenzo, the last...

Collin Skiles, student teacher of Kids’ Corner and senior, opens his locker. Skiles said he is looking forward to being at his placement at Smoky Row. CYNTHIA YUE / PHOTO

Kids’ Corner members rotate from Kids’ Corner Preschool to placements and vice versa

Beats April 15, 2015

Members of Kids’ Corner will rotate from Kids’ Corner Preschool to their placements at elementary schools or at Edu-Care and vice versa this week, according to Kimberly Lenzo, director of Kids’ Corner. Collin...

Kids’ Corner continues to teach preschoolers

Kids’ Corner continues to teach preschoolers

Beats March 23, 2015

Members of Kids’ Corner have new lessons planned in order to teach the preschoolers. Collin Skiles, student teacher for Kids’ Corner and senior, said his group will teach the students on March 24...

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