Williams still to consider ceremony for individuals

Williams still to consider ceremony for individuals

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Principal John Williams said he still plans to host a more private ceremony in the spring to honor individuals or small groups. Unlike all-school convocations, this event will occur in the media center and will not require the attendance of the entire student body. However, he has yet to set a date due to concerns about the selection process.

“We still haven’t decided how we’ll pick these students,” Williams said. “What I don’t want is for a student to feel unaccomplished if he or she is not honored in this ceremony.”

Student body president Terrance Lewis said he ran into the same problem when Williams asked him for suggestions.

“It’s impossible to know all of the different awards out there, and that’s why it’s so hard to know who to pick,” Lewis said. “How are we supposed to know which ones should be in the ceremony and which ones shouldn’t?”

Williams said he already has a few specific achievements in mind, such as perfect scores on standardized tests. As for the undecided honorees, Williams has considered several selection methods, from a suggestions box to an application.

“I’ve asked counselors for recommendations because they have a better idea than I do,” he said. “With an application, we would have to say no to some, and I don’t want there to be any type of rejection in this process. Counselors may be the best route.”