Q&A with Principal Tom Harmas, named Indiana Principal of the Year

Q&A with Principal Tom Harmas, named Indiana Principal of the Year

Da-Hyun Hong

December 3, 2019

What are the requirements to receive this award? “It’s the Indiana Association of School Principals. It is divided into 12 different regions. We’re in Region 5. There’s probably 60 to 70 high schools in Region 5. With that, you are nominated by somebody—I don’t even know who nominated ...

Principal Tom Harmas prepares for next school year

Principal Tom Harmas prepares for next school year

Manahil Nadeem

May 16, 2018

After a busy first year at CHS, Principal Tom Harmas said he has started to prepare for next year. To conclude the year, Harmas will be interviewing new teachers and reviewing new practices set in place this year.  “Right now, truthfully, I am just wrapping up everything for this year and preparing ...

Principal Tom Harmas reviews practicality of all school convocations

Manahil Nadeem

April 18, 2018

After the safety concerns that arose in February, school officials review the practicality of gathering all 5,000 students into one room for all school convocations, according to Principal Tom Harmas. Harmas said students, teachers and community members brought up possible safety concerns with the sch...

Principal Tom Harmas prepares to implement new remediation program

Principal Tom Harmas shakes hand with football player Atticus Clouse at a home football game. Harmas is preparing to implement a new remediation program.

Manahil Nadeem

October 16, 2017

As the department chairs have been notified of their new responsibilities, the remediation program will start up in a couple of weeks, according to Principal Tom Harmas. “The teachers are getting it all prepared and ready for the students right now. The program will go into fact here in a couple...

A Legendary Legacy; CHS prepares for Principal John Williams’ retirement, introducing his successor

Principal John Williams talks to senior Sarah Biette. Student Body President Mike Pitz said it saddens him to see him go, but he appreciates the time and leadership Williams provided.

Emily Dexter, Story

April 20, 2017

Student body president Mike Pitz said he was riding a bus with his basketball teammates when he found out Principal John Williams plans to retire at the end of the school year. The team was in the midst of preparations for the Regional tournament later that day, and this announcement added to the earl...

CHS Students, administrators evaluate implications, procedures of snow delay decisions

 Principal John Williams works at his desk in the main office. Principal John Williams advises students to just take the bus in dangerous driving conditions.


January 29, 2016

With the snowy conditions and absence of snow delays , Principal John Williams said students should be more careful, as the weather conditions have made the roads more dangerous to drive on. “What we would recommend is when the weather’s bad, just ride the bus. That would be a good time...

Carpets of E-halls to be replaced with terrazzo during summer

Principal John Williams talks to secretary Jan Brown. Williams said the E-halls carpets will be replaced with terrazzo during the summer. HELENA MA/PHOTO


April 1, 2015

According to Principal John Williams, the carpet in the E-halls is going to be replaced with terrazzo (the carpeting found in the main hallway) and the carpet in the E-rooms is going to be replaced with new carpet. He said he predicts this project to last several summers, starting this summer. “E...




September 11, 2014

The ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) ice bucket challenge has hit the internet by storm. Celebrities, political parties and even Carmel’s own have been nominated to participate. According to the ALS Association (ALSA), ALS strikes as many as 30,000 Americans nationwide.      The disease is “a...

Summer school to take place both at CHS and online

Principal John Williams talks to secretary Jan Brown about scheduling meetings. According to Principal Williams, summer school will be offered both at CHS and online this year. CLAUDIA HUANG / PHOTO


April 15, 2014

For the first time this summer, students will be able to choose between taking summer school courses at the school or online through the Indiana Online Academy (IOA) according to Principal John Williams. Williams said, “This year, we are kind of getting into this in the middle of the stream, so...

Administration plan to participate in AP Capstone Program, publicize program to sophomores

Principal John Williams talks to students in the hallway during passing period. Williams said that the administration is going to advertise the AP Capstone Program in the upcoming months. CLAUDIA HUANG / PHOTO


October 25, 2013

The administration is tentatively planning to participate in the AP Capstone Program for the 2014-2015 school year and working on advertising the program to the Sophomore Class, which will be the first class eligible to receive the AP Capstone Program Diploma, according to Principal John Williams. ...

Monthly safety tips part of schoolwide plan to keep security “at the foregrounds of everyone’s attentions”

A sign at Door 4 informs visitors of the procedure required to enter the school, a sentiment echoed in the first monthly safety tip. The administration began the program as part of a schoolwide effort to keep school safety in the forefronts of students’ and teachers’ minds.


February 5, 2013

Administrators recently began a safety program through which teachers and students are given monthly “tips” on maintaining a secure school environment. The first such tip in January advised that students not let in outsiders through locked doors during the school day. The tips are part of th...

Williams still to consider ceremony for individuals

Williams still to consider ceremony for individuals

Author Archives

March 20, 2012

Principal John Williams said he still plans to host a more private ceremony in the spring to honor individuals or small groups. Unlike all-school convocations, this event will occur in the media center and will not require the attendance of the entire student body. However, he has yet to set a date due ...