SROs introduce new officers, plan class involvement

Maddie Misterka

The CHS School Resource Officers (SROs) (SROs) are planning on helping teach lessons to classes, meet students and continue to get new officers accustomed to this school. Their focus on safety continues not only due to their role as police officers, but also with the continued construction in the school.

Blake Lytle, Master Patrol Officer and SRO said the CHS SROs want to get more involved with students both in and out of classrooms.

“I wanted this job because I went down a bad path in high school,” he said. “Without adults helping me in school, I don’t know where I would be. I want to be able to be that person to students.”

Senior Jacob Bailey said he thinks SROs are a vital part of the school community.

“We should have lots of gratitude for their service and the kindness they show this school,” Bailey said. “(SROs) help not only in safety, but in community (building) and we need to continue to show how we appreciate them.”

This school year, new officers have joined the CHS SRO staff, and Lytle said he hopes students get to know them and treat them as well as they have with other officers. Additionally, Lytle said his office will move to the windowed area of the front office after construction finishes.

Roads remain closed outside the natatorium as construction on new parking lots and the new pool continues. Blake Lytle, Master Patrol Officer and SRO said SROs focus on school safety both in and out of the school, especially in relation to the current construction.