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Snow Sports JAM

January 12, 2023

Kate Loper | January 9, 2023

From world-renowned Olympic athletes to just daily gym-goers, the gym has had a large presence in American culture. Wil Franks, gym-goer and junior, said he started going to the gym at 13 to better himself for his sports performance and it is now a hobby for him. “It's kind of like my outlet for everything. I go there if I am feeling happy, sad, mad; it's just like my safe spot,” Franks said.  Similarly,...

Opposing Viewpoints: Are Varsity Letter Requirements Fair?

January 5, 2023

The varsity letter requirements are unfair and inconsistent throughout CHS sports Varsity letters are given to athletes when they have a major accomplishment such as going to sectionals or breaking a new record. However, varsity letters are easier to get in some sports, making it feel like less of an accomplishment to some. The inconsistencies of acquiring a varsity letter within different sports...

Participation in uncommon winter sports leads to challenges

Safin Khatri | December 18, 2022

When sophomore Grace Nie started figure skating, she fell in love with the sport. “I started (figure skating) when I was in second grade, when I was 8, and I just really fell in love with the sport, and I just like doing it.”  However, Nie said that there are a lot of challenges to competing in a winter sport such as figure skating, including high participation costs. “(Figure skating)...

Men’s swim and dive to compete in Tiger Claw Dive Invite on Dec. 10

Saahas Kandru | December 8, 2022

The men’s swim and dive team will compete in the Tiger Claw Dive Invite on Dec. 10. The Sectional will be Feb. 18. Vincent Chia, swimmer and sophomore, said he practiced forcefully in the offseason so when the season started he would be ready for any challenges that would come his way. “We prepared before the season started. This way when the season started, we were already in the normal...

Athlete Spotlight: Will Heldt, varsity football player and senior, commits to Purdue University

Safin Khatri | November 3, 2022

What is your position and role on the football team?  At Carmel, I am an outside linebacker, and in terms of my role, (I’m) just a senior leader on the team. In terms of Purdue, I'm transitioning to defensive line (DL), I’m gonna play DL down there. Where did you commit to play football in college, and why? I committed to Purdue in June, and the reason I decided to go there was because,...

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