Junior Craige Maude keeps in touch with Best Buddies through Twitter


What is the CHS Best Buddies Twitter page used for?
The page is basically used for the CHS Best Buddies chapter. I use it to send out reminders and updates about what is going on in Best Buddies. I usually post the dates for different events that we  are having and other random things.

How was the Twitter page started and why was it started?
In the beginning of the year, some of the members and I all got together and we were trying to think of ways that we could make Best Buddies even better this year. Someone mentioned that we should start a Twitter page to get Best Buddies out there. We though it was a very good idea so we made the Twitter page, and I am now in charge of it.

How often do you tweet, and how long have you had this Twitter page?
I try to tweet every week or at least every other week or whenever we have events. Best Buddies has actually had this Twitter page for less than a year. We just started this page, which is why we don’t have many followers or tweets.

Do you have any goals for this page? And if so, what are they?
I just want students and other people at CHS to be more aware of what is going on with Best Buddies. I hope a lot of students follow this Twitter page. I don’t have a specific number of followers that I am aiming for. I just want more followers because we don’t have that many right now.

What is the Best Buddies organization and what is the goal of the CHS Best Buddies?
Best Buddies is a way for students at CHS to make new friendships with other students at CHS and people with disabilities. It is a really good way to meet new people and become more involved in the school.

Why did you choose to use Twitter?
I think it’s just a good way to get information out fast. The tweets are short and people check Twitter often.