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Rabbi, students discuss religious significance, traditions of Hanukkah

Royce Brown | December 24, 2022

Junior Samuel Birany helps his mother prepare latkes, also known as potato pancakes, for Hanukkah. Flipping the latkes, he lays them out on a paper towel. According to Birany, many traditions are observed during the celebration of Hanukkah. “We’re more religious than some of the people I know, since we still go through all the prayers,” he said. “We have a menorah, light candles, say blessings,...

Students feel pressure to enjoy their vacations

Lorna Ding and Pahal Sehgal | December 19, 2022

While many students plan to go on vacation over winter break, senior Sadie Penix said she is staying home.  “I actually prefer to stay home especially over Christmas and New Years because I just like to be home in the comfort of my home and hang out with my friends,” Penix said. “Especially since (winter) break is only two and a half weeks, it’s a lot more relaxing to just spend that time...

In light of Celebrate Shelter Pets Day on Dec. 5, students rescue, adopt shelter pets

Rose Clark | December 5, 2022

Sophomore McKenzie Henry enjoys caring for her shelter’s dog and cats and fosters kittens from the Indy Humane Society. “We’ve always had a really good experience with our shelter pets,” Henry said. “All the pets we’ve ever had are from the shelter and all of them have been great, so we’ve never had a bad experience.” Henry's family has rescued and brought home one dog and...

In honor of National Adoption Month in November, students, parents share struggles with discrimination, stereotypes

Lorna Ding and Pahal Sehgal | November 30, 2022

As a Black individual adopted into a white family, history teacher Joshua Peterman said he witnesses first-hand the way he is treated differently from his family members. “Because both of my parents are white and I’m Black, it led to some issues—not between me and them, (but) I went through a lot of stuff especially in high school that they didn't understand,” Peterman said. “I went to...

In honor of National Adoption Month in November, students, parents debate complexity with finding birth parents

Lorna Ding and Pahal Sehgal | November 29, 2022

While some adoptees have strong desires to meet their birth parents, sophomore Anuj Gupta, who was adopted from India, said he has no interest and denies this common stereotype.   “I feel like a common stereotype is that you should want to meet your birth parents,” Gupta said. “Not everyone necessarily wants to meet their birth parents.” Gupta said he is happy with his current family...

In honor of National Adoption Month in November, students, parents share stories, challenges with cultural identity

Lorna Ding and Pahal Sehgal | November 28, 2022

At three months old, senior Emily Hahn was abandoned in a cornfield in southern China. At 18 months old, she was adopted by her parents, Lynne Hahn and Paul Hahn, and flew on a plane to the U.S. Emily is transracially adopted, which means her adoptive parents are a different race or ethnic group than her.  “(When I tell people) I’m adopted, most of the time (they’re) just like, “Oh, I didn't...

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