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Performers discuss difficulties of competitive environments, nervousness

Avery Carlisle | October 26, 2022

Alyssa Fuhrman, Ambassadors member and senior, said individual competitions can cause nerves for her because of a variety of factors. She is in show choir and she said she has the opportunity to compete with a group a lot, but she said she only sometimes gets experience in competitive environments as an individual. Fuhrman tested her nerves and was recently in an event called Midtown’s Got Talent...

Students at CHS Celebrate National German Day

Sophia Zhang | October 3, 2022

National German Day is a day of unity in Germany and a day of celebration and cultural affinity worldwide. At this school, German Day is a widely celebrated holiday as many students are of German heritage or celebrate some aspect of German culture. It is also important nationally as it is a day of unity between East and West Germany after the Cold War. The unification of Germany is celebrated on Oct....

With CCPL reopening, TLC members discuss losing love for reading

Avery Carlisle | September 29, 2022

For Tatum Siebert, member of the Teen Library Council (TLC) and senior, reading has been a big part of her life since she was young. However, she said throughout the years, she has felt herself grow away from this love to read and only recently recovered it.  “I feel like my school workload was definitely increasing so I didn't have as much time to focus on (reading) outside of school. I felt...

As football season begins, students dive into spiritwear, its traditions

Aksi Adilet-Sultan | September 9, 2022

With football season in full swing this year at Carmel High School, students cheer not only with shouts and applause from the stands, but also through their spiritwear. This year, Carmel’s five home game themes include the following; tropical, USA, jersey, blue and gold and blackout. The away game themes are wild west, camo, neon, and pink out.  “Getting ready for a game is so fun knowing everyone...

Students, teacher consider environmental implications of thrifting

Lorna Ding | May 20, 2022

Sophomore Christine Hu has been thrifting since she was 3 years old. Thrifting, which first became popular during the Great Depression, is the process of shopping at stores that sell secondhand clothing.  “It’s basically buying clothes that people don’t want anymore or upcycling. When we started thrifting, it was because we used to be kind of poor so we needed thrift clothes, but now we just...

Students, teacher enjoy benefits of gardening

Eddie Sun | May 18, 2022

Saswat Una, amateur gardener and sophomore, said he enjoys gardening as a fun hobby. “I got into gardening from my grandparents; at a young age, I would help them garden everyday during summer for hours at a time,” Una said. “After those fun experiences with my grandparents I decided to do it with my family every year and time we could. We planted many vegetables in our backyard and flowers...

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