German teacher Angelika Becker shows her antique German houses and specifically points out the clock present inside the structure. Becker said moving to America was hard because of the language divide that she had to face everyday.

Respect The Gestures: With Japanese exchange students arriving March 20, students, teacher explain some barriers when interacting with foreign cultures

Angela Qian February 22, 2019

Last summer, junior Christian Peasley spent 21 days in Japan with a host family through the Japanese foreign exchange program. He was fully immersed in the culture, despite having known next to nothing...

Students gather in the fieldhouse to respect those who passed away in the Stoneman Douglas school shooting. Government teacher Joshua Miller said people will eventually have to listen to the youth.

Build of Rights: Students, experts reflect on youth engagement in local government

Lin-Lin Mo March 23, 2018

Right before the start of the second Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) public meeting for Al Salam Foundation’s mosque proposal for Carmel on Feb. 26 at 5:04 p.m., CHS students handed out blue ribbons...

Su opens a traditional Chinese umbrella used for her ICCCI performances. Su said she performs annually at the New Year’s celebration.

Unrequited Cheer: With the coming of Lunar New Year, CHS students, staff examine potential disconnect during the holiday

Lin-Lin Mo January 25, 2018

Freshman Melissa Su will soon begin to rehearse for the annual Lunar New Year celebration coordinated by the Indianapolis Chinese Community Center, Inc. (ICCCI), an event that attracts more than 1,000...

Theory of Knowledge (TOK) students work on their breathing meditation. Junior Aubrie Bradbury (second from the right) said she found out about mindfulness during her freshman year, but during TOK, she got back into practicing mindfulness, which has been helpful for her.

Keep Mindfulness in Mind: As finals week approaches, students, teachers evaluate another way to alleviate stress: mindfulness.

Lin-Lin Mo December 14, 2017

Every Gold Day, junior Aubrie Bradbury comfortably sits crossed-legged and leans against large bean bags for back support during meditation exercises, directed over the speakers. She follows its directions,...

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Local Businesses: As Nov. 25 marks Small Business Saturday, CHS students reflect on how small businesses persevere in a large-business world

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Local Businesses: As Nov. 25 marks Small Business Saturday, CHS students reflect on how small businesses persevere in a large-business world

Lin-Lin Mo November 17, 2017

Seven years ago, a former Broad Ripple train station became the local ice cream store Broad Ripple Ice Cream Station (BRICS), a well-loved business that has blossomed in the past few years. For junior...

Loncharich looks back as club members enter the room. According to Loncharich, there was a large turnout for the second meeting of the year.

Trumping Expectations: Students, staff compare expectations during Trump’s campaign to those now

Angela Qian October 26, 2017

Junior Sasha Matsuki said she is generally disappointed but not surprised when she sees the latest news regarding President Donald Trump and his policies. However, Matsuki said she wanted to have positive...

Juniors Mandeep Dhillon, Isabella Yallapragada, and Shubhi Sinha (clockwise from top left) make bracelets as part of a Kenya Club and UNICEF initiative. The leaders plan on selling them for five dollars each to contribute to both of their causes.

Trick or Treat for a Cause: Unicef Club and House give a closer look into their Halloween-themed fund-raising events

Tara Kandallu, Reporter October 26, 2017

More than 179 million Americans will celebrate Halloween this year, according to the National Retail Federation. This large group reflects the heightened spirit present during the Halloween season and...

Ben Underwood, 12

Ben Underwood, 12

Lin-Lin Mo, Feature Reporter September 21, 2017

“I like to challenge myself. In running, you are going against other people so there’s that external factor that’s challenging you, but you’re also running against yourself because running is an...

Sophomore Connor Inskeep washes the car of Jim Inskeep, Connor’s father and athletics director, at the annual FTK car wash.  Mr. Inskeep said Connor is still building his own legacy just like other students in the building.

Relative Advantage: Students with parents who work at CHS evaluate the merits, demerits of their situation

Marissa Ryan, Feature Reporter September 21, 2017

Most students say goodbye to their parents every morning and don’t see them again until the evening. But, for students like sophomore Connor Inskeep, they arrive at the same school as their parents....

Senior Kyra Krall (right) and her sister, sophomore Olivia Krall (left), carry a carton from Green Bean Delivery. Green Bean Delivery is an organic food delivery servcie that provides fresh fruits and vegetables. Krall said her family receives organic food from this delivery service each Wednesday.

Got Organic? Despite the rise in food-buying consciousness in the 21st century, some obstacles make that lifestyle difficult

Lin-Lin Mo, Feature Reporter May 18, 2017

According to senior Kyra Krall, her family often orders plentiful organic produce, ranging from Indiana pasture-raised eggs to organic lacinato kale from Green Bean Delivery, a company that makes local,...

Sophomore Mason Klain accepts his award as the first ever Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Student of the Year. Klain raised over $101,000 in honor of his grandmother by using a mix of methods: social media, email, phone calling and face-to-face conversation.

World In Crisis: In recent years, new methods have emerged to help those who need it the most in times of crisis

Lin-Lin Mo, Feature Reporter May 18, 2017

Sophomore Mason Klain raised over $101,000 from Jan. 12 to March 2 by sending out a message similar to this: “Hi, my name is Mason Klain, and I am running for the first ever Leukemia & Lymphoma...

Senior Emily Pattyn protests along with others at the anti-Donald Trump rally on Nov. 12. “I don’t know how to get (Trump) to see what Emily Pattyn wants, but I think having him see the struggles people go through (is positive),” Pattyn said.

A (Peaceful) Fight for Peaceful Change: Students, leaders reflect on the utilization of peaceful protests

Lin-Lin Mo, Feature Reporter March 16, 2017

Taking a leap of faith filled with democratic passion and a tinge of nervousness, Emily Pattyn, first time protest participant and senior, marched with hundreds of like-minded individuals from the Indiana...

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