Empty Bowls event puts art

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By: Rosemary Boeglin <rboeglin@hilite.org>

The art department is participating in “Empty Bowls” this Wednesday from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. at North Central High School.

“Empty Bowls” is a fund-raising event in which all the MIC schools participate. “Each of the schools is asked to donate around 200 bowls, and people pay about $5 to attend, pick a bowl that has been handmade by a high school student and fill it with chili or soup. At the end they get to keep their bowl,” said art department chairperson Jennifer Davis.

“This is the sixth or seventh year that ‘Empty Bowls’ has been going on,” Davis said. In the past the money raised from the event has been given to charities such as Ronald McDonald House.

Joyce Uland, member of art club and sophomore, has been assisting in her own way to make the event possible. Along with the other members of the art club, Uland has been glazing many of the bowls that were made last school year, so they can be donated to the event.

Since Uland has taken ceramics classes throughout middle school and high school, she said she believes one of her own bowls will be used in the event.

“It is cool knowing that people out there are eating from the bowls that you had fun making,” Uland said.