Hall decorating to occur Sept. 16


Every year before Homecoming, senior class officers, members of Big Game, Wild Bunch and anyone who is willing to participate, decorate the senior hall and other halls near senior lockers in anticipation for the upcoming football game, according to Senior Class president Carlton Anker.
This year the Homecoming decorating will occur on Sept. 16 from 3:20 p.m. until around 5 p.m.
According to Anker, it’s better when people come and help decorate because it makes the job easier. It helps the senior class officers get done what they want to accomplish, which is to decorate the halls and promote school spirit, and it is a lot more work if there are only a few people decorating the school hallways.
“We want people to come in and help us decorate so they can get involved in school activities. The more (people that come) the better,” Anker said.
According to Anker, This year, the Senior Class officers are trying to be more creative and plan to make the senior hall and make the decorations bigger and better than those of past years.
Anker said, “We try to decorate (the halls) with anything eye-catching. We use streamers and all sorts of colors and posters like in past years.”
In past years, the business, senior and family consumer science hallways were all decorated for Homecoming because they were home to senior lockers; however, this year, the seniors will only decorate the commons and the hallway between the commons and the varsity gym, according to Senior Class Sponsor Amanda Richmond.
“All of the class officers are only decorating those halls instead of the school by sections this year just so there aren’t sporadic places that are well decorated and others that are poorly decorated,” Anker said.
According to Anker, the point of decorating the senior hallway is to promote the Homecoming game and to promote school spirit.
Richmond said, “I think it’s neat how everyone gets involved during Homecoming, and everyone can get together and have a good time so it’s not always focused on academics.”
“It’s fun and it displays school spirit, which is always good. I’m super excited about (the decorating), and Homecoming is right around the corner.”