Qudditch Club to start meetings, matches

Cady Armstrong

In your own words, what is Quidditch?

(Quidditch) is a mixture between dodgeball, football, soccer, water polo, and handball. It essietnally mixes all the sports into one and allabout just having a good time. 


How does how does Quidditch in real life differ from the sport played in the Harry Potter books and films?


We don’t have flying brooms sadly and we don’t have magic spells. Also, instead of a snitch, a small yellow ball, we have a snitch runner that dresses up all yellow and has a tennis ball touchstone which certain type of person called a seeker tries to grab. It’s kind of funny but also different. 


How do you play Quidditch?


There are three people called chasers, and they have a deflated volleyball that they’re trying to get through three hoops to score. And then there’s a keeper, and they try to protect our goals. It’s like a soccer goalie. Also, there are these two people called beater, and they have dodgeballs, and they try to throw it at people. If you get hit with a dodgeball, and you have to drop either whatever the ball that you score with or you just have to go back to your own goal. Then, we have a snitch runner who runs around and we have seekers who tried to tackle them down to get the tennis ball.


How do you win the game?

 When the game is trying to get the most points. So, you can either get the most points by either scoring goals, scoring goals is 10 points. Catching the snitch ends the game automatically and your team gets 40 points.


Is it too late to join Quidditch club?


No, it’s not too late. Anyone can join. (Quidditch club) is honestly just a fun way to hang out. You don’t have to be athletic or have even read the Harry Potter books. You can just come out and have fun.


What do you see in Quidditch club’s future?


Hopefully it will be something big. A lot of colleges have it so I’m hoping that comes from college to high schools. I don’t expect it to be a varsity sport, but I really hope that other high schools have this clubs so instead of just between you and your friends you can to other schools like the Westfield and Noblesville to play. 


Why did you start Quidditch club?

I looked at the rules of Quidditch club and thought that it would be fun to do and that it is something people would enjoy. My SRT teacher Mrs. Brown said she would sponsor the Quidditch club so I said ‘let’s just do it’. 


How many people can play Quidditch? 


We’re still seeing how many people are still interested but we need at least 14 people. If we get more than 14 then we’ll definitely do more matches, but we’re, we’re hoping that when 14 people come, we can get them sorted and just go from there.


How will members be divided into teams and Hogwarts houses? 


We’re thinking about doing houses, depending on how many people show up. I’m setting up a system where they can put down what house they want and what position they want to play. We will go by seniority so seniors get the first pick to keep it fair.