Humans of CHS: Celebrating self improvement month, students, staff answer questions about self improvement

Grace Sullivan: Submitted Photo

Junior Grace Sullivan

This year, I’m really just trying to stay on top of my academics, especially for applying to future colleges that I’m looking at. I’m going in to see my teachers more often—especially this year, I feel like it’s so important to form a bond with your teachers while you’re there because you only see them once a week, maybe twice. I’m also just trying to be present and not on my phone as much.









Senior Bradley Snyder

I definitely want to get more sleep. I want to try to make a more conscious effort to go to bed earlier and also drink less caffeine in the evenings so I can fall asleep at night. When I don’t get enough sleep, I am very groggy throughout the day, and it makes it harder to get stuff done when I come home from school when I’m very tired. Getting enough sleep would definitely make me able to get more work done throughout the entire day. Junior year, I made a more conscious effort to get more sleep, and junior year was better than the first two (years of high school), but I’m hoping senior year will be the best.


Wendy Zhu
Food Service Worker Debbie Brown

My self-improvement goal is to lose weight. I gained a lot of weight during the pandemic, and now I’m on my toes losing weight. I’m

Wendy Zhu

down eight pounds (so far). I’m not on any specific meal plans, just watching what I eat and just making sure I walk at least 15 to 30 minutes a day.


Senior Mackenzie Webster

I’m working to establish deadlines and basically just prove to myself and others that I can do it. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, trying to build up things that I could use for when I do apply (to college) senior year. When I applied to be a GKOM, I thought about how it could help me with (college) applications, and getting a job so I could show that I kept up my grades and maintained responsibility in my job.





Wendy Zhu


Sophomore Sydney Perez

I’m just trying to improve my work ethic. I have a planner where I write down everything I need to get done and due dates. I’ve had this goal throughout high school. With all this online stuff, I guess it’s just harder to do it at home because I don’t have as much motivation as I do at school, and I just don’t feel like doing it at home.