Diving team continues to train, next competition Dec. 17

Alaina Heyde, varsity diver and junior, hydrates before practice. Heyde said she believes the training they have been doing will help the team get to State.

Sarah Kim

December 16, 2019

The diving team continued to train through December and has high expectations for the remainder of the season. Alaina Heyde, varsity diver and junior, said she believes the hard work the team has put in throughout the season will pay off. “We have been working really hard so far, and I think that w...

With diving season approaching, athletes, coach discuss technique, mentality required for success in diving

Diver and sophomore Darci Commons flips through the air during practice. Darci said that there are multiple types of dives including back, reverse, and inwards.

Andrew Caito

November 15, 2019

Diving off the one meter boards, diver and sophomore Darci Commons works to perfect her form. For Commons, diving isn’t just flips and tricks in the air but actually requires a lot of work in the mind as well. “Honestly, there is a lot that goes into each dive, but as long as you practice proper te...

Flipping Between Sports: Cheerleading, diving teams use similar skills; CHS athletes participate in both

Player support  (right):
Blair Wayman, gold winter cheerleader, diver and sophomore holds a banner during a game. The banner read “Heady” for Luke Heady, basketball player and senior. Wayman participates in both winter cheerleading and diving because of the similar skill set.
hands down (left):
Jenna Springirth, competition cheerleader, diver and sophomore, performs a dive during practice after warming up. Springirth practiced different dives varying in skill and difficulty. Springirth became a cheerleader first, and was then encouraged to try diving after hearing the sports are similar.

Sarah Kim, Sports Reporter

January 24, 2019

Sophomore Jenna Springirth takes a deep breath and then flips through the air. The water folds around her as she finishes her perfectly executed dive. Springirth is a member of this year’s women’s swimming and diving team, but she is also a member of the varsity competition cheerleading squad.  At fi...

Diving In the Deep

Ben Traylor

February 23, 2017

In 1994, the CHS swimming team began accommodating divers to become the Girls’ Swimming and Diving team. Since then, the squad has taken home the State Championship every year, yet divers on the team are not the typical face of the team’s dominance, as only 14 divers have qualified for state in the...

Swimming and diving teams seek unity, prepare for Warrior Diving Invitational

Swimming and diving teams seek unity, prepare for Warrior Diving Invitational


December 13, 2013

Diver and senior Laura Rokop has bigger goals than having a successful diving season. Although the swimming and diving teams are one team at CHS, they have been two very separated groups in past years. This season, team captains such as Rokop are trying to integrate the teams. Rokop and the swimm...

Women’s swimming and diving team looks forward to upcoming season


December 11, 2009

With a national record under its belt, the women’s varsity swimming and diving team prepares to win another State title. However, the powerhouse still looks to improve this season. Captain and senior Lauren Stauder said, “I feel we have very high chances (of continuing the streak this year). We...