Column: As cuffing season sets in, high schoolers should not be ashamed of wanting to be in romantic relationships

Isabella White

December 10, 2019

With the colder months upon us, many things are beginning to change. As we retire our summer dresses in exchange for warm sweaters, an annual trend even more significant is simultaneously setting in: cuffing season. As it is defined by Urban Dictionary, “cuffing season” is an alternate name for the...

DIY Place Setting

DIY Place Setting

Hannah Gretz

November 1, 2019

Materials: Cloth napkin that measures 16 ¾ inches by 16 ¾ inches 18 inches of twine or rope  Decorative corn cobs Steps: Lay the napkin out on a table. Grab the center of the napkin and pull upward, sliding your hand down the napkin to create a long, ovular shape. ...

Silly or Scary?: CHS students recount their experiences at different haunted houses

Senior Benjamin

Marissa Ryan

October 24, 2019

Indy Scream Park “When I went to Indy Scream Park, they had this clown event where I wore 3D glasses that made everything tilt and spin; it was really disorienting, which was really awesome because it felt super realistic. Overall, it’s a great experience and it’s definitely different than most events ...

Creative Carvings: Take a look at winners, runner-ups of HiLite’s pumpkin carving contest

Junior Cherish DeFord

Anna Klauz

October 24, 2019

First Place Scary Pumpkin Winner What inspired you to create this design? My dad recently bought a book with a ton of different pumpkin designs, and I chose this one. How do you use the pumpkin leftovers? This year I made pumpkin bread with the inside leftovers. What is your favorite part of the carving proc...

Humans of CHS: CHS students reveal their favorite parts of fall

Humans of CHS: CHS students reveal their favorite parts of fall

Thea Bertolini

September 20, 2019

Junior Alexis Custer-Topai “I usually start wearing Halloween socks in July, just to make sure I’m in the spirit and hype myself up. I really like fall since Halloween is my favorite holiday and that’s what I normally associate it with. I also think of toilet papering people’s houses since it...

We reviewed three fall activities available near Carmel, this is what we found

Junior Zach Berman bites down on one of the apples from Stuckey Farm’s apple orchards. Stuckey Farms has around 4,000 trees and boasts 27 different types of apples, as well as a 15-acre pumpkin patch, an eight-acre corn maze and many more activities.

Kris Otten

October 25, 2018

STUCKEY FARM ORCHARD AND CIDER MILL Stuckey Farm Orchard and Cider Mill is the perfect location to have a fall photoshoot with friends or spend time with family. It costs $7.50 to get into the apple orchard, where there are thousands of trees with 27 varieties of apples to pick from. The apple orc...

Carmel to host fall-themed festivals

Susan Jabaras, manager of clothing and furniture store ReStyled, stocks sweaters in preparation for fall. Many other Carmel stores like Highgarden Real Estate are also preparing for fall holidays, such as hosting events like trick-or-treating.

Melissa Yap, Managing Editor

October 25, 2016

According to Nancy Heck, Carmel director of community relations and economic development, the Arts and Design District will host many fall celebrations in the coming weeks. “I’m most looking forward to the fall holidays and the holiday season because that’s where people and their families can...

CHS’s annual fall band and orchestra concert to be on Oct. 5 and 6, respectively

CHS’s annual fall band and orchestra concert to be on Oct. 5 and 6, respectively

James Yin, Reporter

October 5, 2016

CHS will host its annual fall band concert on Oct. 5. According to band director Mike Pote, the fall band concert will feature all of the concert bands. “All six concert bands are going to perform. We do it in two concert, so there’s a 6 o’clock performance and a 7:30 performance, and each o...

Tasteful Transition

Tasteful Transition


November 18, 2015

Junior Remi Meeker: I'd say my style is a mix of sporty, grunge, glam, and retro. I like to switch up my layering by keeping key pieces like a white T-shirt or a button-up that can easily add extra warmth under sweaters and jackets, while adding movement for the eye. My favorite trend for this fall is...