Unwanted Advances: Sexual abuse cases in gymnastics raise question of awareness at CHS

Freshman Ashnaya Gupta practices her beam routine. Gupta said that more gymnasts are speaking out now about sexual abuse after the scandals occurred.

Leslie Huang, Calina He, and Wendy Zhu

November 16, 2018

For freshman Ashnaya Gupta, gymnastics has been part of her life since she was 2 years old. Gupta spends most hours after school practicing at Deveau’s School of Gymnastics, where she has proudly earned various state medals for her achievements. When Gupta first heard of the sexual abuse cases in US...

CHS plans summer changes to building


May 22, 2012

This summer, CHS will undergo more construction designed to improve the school’s safety and facilities. According to assistant principal Doug Bird, the School Gate Guardian security system is scheduled to be installed at Doors 4 and 13 over the summer. Also, the planned construction on the lower level...

“Waiving” goodbye to P.E.


November 19, 2010

Students take advantage of new waiver for physical education, but policy has little effect on overall student health despite national health trends by Melinda Song <[email protected]> For Leslie Mills, flute player and freshman, marching band is more than a time-consuming extracurricular acti...

Money for schools doesn’t grow on trees


October 29, 2009

By Priya Patel and Michelle Hu <[email protected]>, <[email protected]> Construction on a new sports facility is set to begin in the fall of the 2010-11school year. Built as an addition to the fieldhouse and extending into the parking lot, the fitness center will be a two-story build...

Letter to the Editor: It’s not just gym any more


March 13, 2009

By Kim TenBrink I have to admit it, I am a “gym” major (my diploma from OSU reads “Bachelor of Science, Education”). My Physical Education curriculum included anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology – these are some of the same classes that pre-med, pre-vet, pre-nursing, and occupational a...