CHS students drifting towards gender equality, away from “feminism”

CHS students drifting towards gender equality, away from


December 12, 2014

Ninety-five years before senior Samantha Cunningham turned 18, feminists fought for her right to vote. Seventy-six years before she got a job, feminists fought for her equality during the hiring process as a woman. Eighteen years before she applied to college, feminists fought for her acceptance to p...

U.S. 31 Interchange Construction to continue on Main Street

Construction work continues near 136th Street. According to Eric Seidentsticker, Carmel City Council president, construction will cut down on the traffic around these areas. SARAH LIU / PHOTO


October 10, 2014

Workers are currently upgrading the road where the U.S. 31 interchange will be. This project includes reconstruction and expansion of the roadway, installation of new utility lines, curbs, gutters, storm sewers and sidewalks. The roundabouts at Illinois and Old Meridian along Main Street will also be...

Coming to a Theater Near you: Studio one acts to run from Sept. 25 to 27

STUDIO FUN: In the Studio Theater, director and senior Kinsey Erickson directs rehearsal for the upcoming Studio One Acts.  The acts will include four one-act, comedic plays.


September 23, 2014

Sept. 25 to 27, the cast and crew members of the Studio One Acts plan to host a series of short plays from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. in the Studio Theater. According to Kinsey Erickson, student director and senior, the performances provide opportunities for anyone who has an interest in theatre and comedy to ...