More Than Meets the Eye: As photo editing applications increase in prevalence, students, staff evaluate impact on self-image, confidence

Senior Kelly Xiang adjusts the contrast on a photo of senior Sylvia Liu on Photoshop Express. Xiang said that photos can highlight people’s insecurities.

Wendy Zhu

May 23, 2019

As apps like Facetune have shot up in popularity over the course of the past few years, photo editing has become easier than ever. With a single tap or click, users are quickly able to erase any blemishes or imperfections they may have, allowing them to create their ideal photo or selfie. According ...

Through the Lens: With photos becoming progressively more prevalent in everyday life, CHS students and staff reflect on their purpose

Sophomore Reagan Smiley practices

Raphael Li, Feature Reporter

September 21, 2017

For sophomore Reagan Smiley, she said she has been in love with photography for her whole life. “I’ve been doing a photography for a pretty long time. I think I had my first camera when I was eight,” she said. If anything, Smiley’s passion is indicative of a greater worldwide trend. According ...

Path to the future: Carmel City Council plans expansion of bike-friendly paths

Photography teacher Kevin Daly prepares his bike before commuting home after school. Daly said he supports the addition of new bike paths and trails in Carmel, especially because he bikes 22 miles to and from CHS on a daily basis.

Anna Klauz, Story

March 17, 2017

Bruce Kimball, City Council member and resident of Carmel, is a bike advocate. He shared his passion for new urbanism, walkable cities and bike friendly paths with the hopes of incorporating more of this into our city for attraction, convenience and opportunities. Kimball said he and his fellow City Council ...

Students Must Speak With Caution

Students Must Speak With Caution


December 13, 2013

At the beginning of this school year, juniors Sydney Kadinger and Shannel O’Neal decided they wanted to create a pro-choice club at the school so like-minded students could come together under a common forum and inform people that abortion is an accessible option. They turned in their required form ...

CHS to participate in this year’s Carmel International Arts Festival


September 18, 2010

This year, the Carmel International Arts Festival will sponsor a Young Artist tent and feature the artwork of approximately 80 CHS students. Tents from this event will be set up along Main Street on the Arts District from 10 to 6 p.m. Sept. 25 and 10 to 5 p.m. Sept. 26. “Now that we have the art...

Artist / Photographer


February 4, 2009

Photography used as artistic expression By Ellie Seta <[email protected]> Senior Breana Whitaker is an artist; however, she is not your average painter or sculptor. Whitaker considers her photography to be a form of art. Whitaker, who has taken photography classes since her sophomore year, s...