Carmel wins bike-friendly award, plans to continue bicycling infrastructure

Kassandra Darnell

March 20, 2020

The information in this issue—originally scheduled for publication on March 20—was written and produced prior to news regarding school cancellation from the COVID-19 virus. Some information may be outdated or inaccurate as a result. Student staff members worked hard to produce this content and,...

Path to the future: Carmel City Council plans expansion of bike-friendly paths

Photography teacher Kevin Daly prepares his bike before commuting home after school. Daly said he supports the addition of new bike paths and trails in Carmel, especially because he bikes 22 miles to and from CHS on a daily basis.

Anna Klauz, Story

March 17, 2017

Bruce Kimball, City Council member and resident of Carmel, is a bike advocate. He shared his passion for new urbanism, walkable cities and bike friendly paths with the hopes of incorporating more of this into our city for attraction, convenience and opportunities. Kimball said he and his fellow City Council ...

Environmentalists take issue with Monon project

Elizabeth Baach, Carmel Green Initiative board member and junior, plants a plant near the construction. Baach said she opposes the Monon Lake construction plan due to its environmental impact. ALEX YOM / PHOTO


October 10, 2014

Ever since the Carmel City Council approved the Monon Lake development on Sept. 15, Elizabeth Baach, Carmel Green Initiative board member and junior, said she has contemplated the overall outcome of the project. According to The Indianapolis Star and Carmel Council member Ronald Carter, the M/I Homes...

New dog park to open in Central Park North

Dog owner Mallory Marrs poses with her dog, Oscar. Marrs said she is excited for the arrival of a new dog park. “I think (the new dog park) will be good for the community,” Marrs said.


March 22, 2013

According to Michael Klitzing, assistant director for Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation (CCPR), a dog park located in Central Park North will open sometime during the spring or summer of 2014. Klitzing said the park board authorized a contract with The Schneider Corporation on March 12 to prepa...