Digital Competition: Players reveal how sports video games simplify many parts of sport

Cole Brady, varsity basketball player and senior, goes for a lay up during practice.  
Brady said even though many of the skills gained through practice are automated in NBA 2K and reflect the team chemistry of professional teams, the game still gives the sense of playing basketball with friends.

Caleb Shaffer

December 13, 2018

American basketball has been played worldwide for over a century, and while the video game version of the sport is relatively new, it has quickly gained a following from gamers and basketball players alike. At this school, students like Cole Brady, basketball player and senior, often play the latest in...

Daily Fantasy: Should Regulations Be Tighter?

Daily Fantasy: Should Regulations Be Tighter?


May 13, 2016

Almost all of us sports geeks have been involved with fantasy sports. Even if you haven’t joined a fantasy league, you cannot have missed the ads involving fantasy sports. Because you can’t even watch TV anymore without one of these ads popping up. In fact, according to one analysis, a commercial...

This is Indiana: Indianapolis should no longer be overlooked as a sports city

This is Indiana: Indianapolis should no longer be overlooked as a sports city

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September 12, 2014

On April 26, citiesjournal.com released a list for the top 13 best sports cities in the United States. Seattle, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Miami were on the list. Guess what city did not make the list? Indianapolis. As a person who has  lived in the Indianapolis metropolitan area for nearly my entire life, I was appalle...

NBA 2K12 – NBA’s Greatest Trailer

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August 26, 2011

The legends have been revealed!! NBA 2K12 will feature over 15 of the greatest players in NBA history. Yet they did not include Indiana Pacers legend Reggie Miller. INDIANA GETS NO LOVE!!!!!! Anyway, here's the trailer.

Life should be run like the NBA draft


January 23, 2009

By Bennett Fuson <[email protected]> This past election season I spent what little spare time I had planted in front of the television. Yes I know, I should have probably spent time studying or doing homework or what have you, but it’s water under the bridge now. As I sat and watched poli...