Junior Cole Stark drinks green juice in the morning before school in Greyhound Station to energize for the day. Green juice consists of many different fruits and vegetables, most commonly lettuce, and it is a way to get quick absorption of the nutrients from produce.

CHS students and teachers participate in trend of green juicing

feature May 22, 2014

At the beginning of the school year, junior Cole Stark did not drink as much water and, instead, got his nutrients by drinking fruit and vegetable juice brands like Naked. However, this process, he said,...

Stores take action to modify G.M.O.-labeling policy

Stores take action to modify G.M.O.-labeling policy

feature September 12, 2013

While people consume food on a daily basis, many don’t bother to check what it’s made of or how it was produced. With no regulations currently set on the labeling of foods, it is often hard to identify...

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