Students, Athletic Director Jim Inskeep offer their view on the new “Step Up to Sexual Assault Program”

Students, Athletic Director Jim Inskeep offer their view on the new

Emily Sandy and Lillian He

September 20, 2019

Q & A with Athletic Director Jim Inskeep Why was this program implemented at Carmel High School? In the summer of 2018, some of the district administrators, myself and (Principal Thomas) Harmas, started talking about ways that we could better educate and protect our students. Over the years, ...

Moving from Venezuela to Carmel opens new doors for students

MAKING MONEY: Senior Luisana Rodriguez checks how many seats are available in Red Robin. Rodriguez has worked at Red Robin for a little less than a year. She said that her family sends money over to their relatives in Venezuela to help make their lives easier.

Kassandra Darnell

April 19, 2019

Two years ago, senior Luisana Rodriguez and her mother left their home in Venezuela and moved to the United States in order to avoid the growing political and economic crisis spreading across the country. They first moved to Miami and then to Indiana, but at the time, the conditions in Venezuela wer...

Strike Back: Educational expert, students discuss teacher protests, future of education system

Junior Audrey Satchivi and her mom Marie Satchivi talk before the start of the school day. Audrey said she believes that by being the daughter of a teacher at CHS makes all the teacher union protests more personal.

Angela Qian

May 18, 2018

On Feb. 9, the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that there were seven major work stoppages involving 1,000 or more workers in 2017, the second lowest number on record, and none of which included teachers. Less than two weeks later, West Virginia teachers began a nine-day walkout to protest low wages. ...

Qualifications lower for teacher licensing

Apprends-moi: New French teacher Nathan Price explains a project in one of his French classes. Price said he sees advantages to the new teacher licensing rules because he would only have to pass a test to teach Spanish. AMIRA MALCOM / PHOTO


January 25, 2013

Last month, the Indiana State Board of Education approved changes concerning teacher certification that lower the qualifications for becoming a teacher. By passing an exam, anyone with a four-year college degree and a 3.0 GPA is now allowed to teach. According to Williams, because of the lowere...

Student Venture’s serve team to host teacher breakfast Oct. 6

Students pray at the flagpole in front of CHS on Sept. 28 to take part in See You at the Pole. Students participated in this event across the country, but Kate Shanklin, S.A.L.T. member and senior, planned it for Carmel. Shanklin said Student Venture members attending a prayer conference in Houston plan to bring back ideas used by other organizations. PHOTO / NATALIE MAIER


October 4, 2011

Members of the Student Venture serve team will prepare a teacher breakfast on the morning of Oct. 6. This is a new event the serve team planned and has anticipated over the course of the year. “We have a serve team that works on new ways to serve the community and the school. They really ...

Troops to teachers


October 3, 2008

Military veteran teachers incorporate military experiences into teaching methods By Rebecca Xu <[email protected]> Dale Yessak. Pete O’Hara. Dawn Laumeyer. Doug Bird. These four people don’t seem to have much in common besides the fact that they work here. One teaches English, one teaches soci...