Pinnacle Yearbook staff edit, receive senior ads

Hannah Liu, Pinnacle Yearbook reporter and junior, interviews her peers for her assignments that she has for class. There are six major deadlines each year that Pinnacle Yearbook staff members must complete by the end of the year.

Victoria Nopporn

February 1, 2019

The Pinnacle staff has just finished one of the six major deadlines as of Jan. 22, which included a majority of the publication. “This past deadline consisted of the biggest amount of pages,” Hannah Liu, Pinnacle Yearbook reporter and junior, said. For this next phase of the year, the Pinnacle staff ...

Let’s Talk club hopes to help students recognize importance of skillful conversation

Selin Oh, Let’s Talk founder, president and senior participates in the discussion. According to Oh,  it is important to bring personal experience as well as facts into a discussion

Rhea Acharya

September 21, 2018

This year, students will be given an outlet to learn the art of conversing with one another through a new club: Let’s Talk. During Late Starts from 7:30 to 8:15, a.m., Let’s Talk members and all other students who wish to participate will be able to meet in the media center to discuss the month’s...

O’ Christmas Tree: Students put up Christmas decorations, not necessarily for religious aspect

Sophomore Elle Nichol sets up miniature Christmas trees over her fireplace.  Nichol said she incorporates her German tradition with Christmas.

Richa Louis

December 14, 2017

Like many people  during this time of the year, freshman Shreya Sinha has a Christmas tree full of lights and ornaments sitting prominently in her house. But Sinha isn’t a Christian, and she said she puts up the decorations for other reasons. “We decorate (Christmas trees) because it’s fun,...

Hands of Hope: With natural disasters becoming increasingly common, CHS students, staff think about how to plan for the future

English teacher Danielle Jansen works with senior Noah Huber during SRT. According to Jansen, IB Creativity Activity Service students are working to help raise funds for hurricane disaster relief from Hurricane Harvey.

Avery Thorpe

October 26, 2017

One hundred thirty two mile per hour winds, nine days of rainfall and $190 billion worth of destruction. This is the impact Hurricane Harvey had on southeast Texas, where the tropical storm hit the hardest. Harvey was a Category 3 storm. A few weeks later, a similar scenario played out when Hurricane Irma...

House of Books starting up with new leadership

Jai Sanghani

September 29, 2016

            The next meeting for House of Books is yet to be determined. However, House of Books is starting with new leadership.             This year there are two people leading the group, president and senior Angela Sun and Sam Sinder, vice president and senior.             Sinder ...

In order to uphold last year’s tradition, House of Books members plan to hand out books on April 10

In order to uphold last year’s tradition, House of Books members plan to hand out books on April 10


March 18, 2016

House of Books members will set up a stand at the Carmel Clay Public Library on April 10, where they will pass out books to people who walk by. Club members have reached out to many publishers and book distributors to receive book donations. They have also raised money since the fall of last year for...

Beyond the Headlines

Beyond the Headlines


December 14, 2015

Despite the prevalence of terrorism, the media still does not portray the spread of terrorist attacks accurately in non-Western countries   On Nov. 13, terrorist attacks in Paris killed 137 people and wounded 368. Outpourings of sympathy came from all corners of the globe, with people sharing...

Students reflect on evolution of library usage from books to online resources

Christopher “Chris” Coraggio, independent study student and senior, works on his laptop for his independent study in the media center. Coraggio said he has seen a notable increase in the use of electronic resources instead of physical books.


November 13, 2015

It’s a typical day at the library, and Teri Sharlow, media center aide and senior, watches a class file into the computer lab to use the computers there for their recently assigned research projects. Most students use the databases and search engines that the computers offer, but a couple of students...

House of Books’ next meeting

Club sponsor, Theresa Ramos, observes her movie poster for her next event. She had that available for House of Books members to give their opinion on how they want it to be displayed.


September 22, 2015

The next meeting for House of Books is scheduled for Sept. 23. At this meeting members will discuss the upcoming festival booth in October and the after school meeting program with Carmel Elementary. The festival booth for Oktoberfest is still under planning, but like last year there will be fun activitie...

Media center to build makerspace with grant, donated video games, electronics

Media department chairperson Theresa Ramos holds up an old electronic to be used in the new makerspace. According to Ramos, this makerspace, created with  donated electronics, video games, and a grant the media center has received, will be a place for students to learn and express their creativity.  SWETHA NAKSHATRI / PHOTO


August 11, 2015

The media center will include stations for students to be creative and create, invent and learn about working with electronics and building crafts, according to media department chairperson Theresa Ramos. She said these stations will be called makerspaces and will be implemented in one of the pods at the medi...

Media polarizes opinion

Cover Story


October 10, 2014

When Mariam Aziz, Muslim Student Alliance member and senior, pulled up her news feed on Facebook, a picture of a crying girl receiving a certificate from men in black robes caught her eye. The caption read, “Gazan girl accepts her mother’s diploma during a graduation ceremony after Israel murder...