House of Books starting up with new leadership

Jai Sanghani

            The next meeting for House of Books is yet to be determined. However, House of Books is starting with new leadership.

            This year there are two people leading the group, president and senior Angela Sun and Sam Sinder, vice president and senior.

            Sinder said, “I’m very excited to see what our president, Angela Sun has planned and our club sponsor Mrs. Ramos has planned.”

            The new leadership has club sponsor Theresa Ramos excited for this year.

            Ramos Said, “I am very excited and we are under new leadership. So we will just see what the future holds for us.” By Jai Sanghani

Tweet: House of Books is to announce its next meeting soon.

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Cutline: Senior Kaya Mernitz, Freshman Alyssa Bold and president and senior Angela Sun discuss information about the club for the upcoming year. This is the third year that House of Books has been meeting, and it is a club dedicating to spreading literacy around the community.