Big Game Club begins preparing for winter sports

Senior Timmy Dixon plans future events for Big Game Club with Brad Pearson, the sponsor of Big Game Club. “We’d love to go out and support the girls’ and boys’ basketball teams for the winter sports. It’s all about getting wild and loud for the basketball teams,” Dixon said.

Robbie G­­­­­­e

December 1, 2018

Brad Pearson, sponsor of Big Game Club, has announced that the club will shift its focus to other sports as the fall season ends.             “We’re going to the boys’ and girls’ basketball games. Football ended, so I guess we might show up to the swimming meets,” Pearson said.             Notably, Big Game Club encourages football pla...

Tennis players,coaches reflect on adding recreational team, “Ex-O Squad,” to accommodate larger team size

Satvik Kandru

October 25, 2018

Carmel tennis is one of the few “no-cut” sports at this school. That itself can create a problem unique to the sport: a lack of space to accommodate all of the players on the team. To combat that problem, former Head Coach Spencer Fields added the “Ex-O Squad,” formerly known as the exhibition section of the team. This addition brou...

CHS tennis team preparing for postseason

Senior Patrick Fletchall chases the ball during a point. He believes Carmel can win another state championship this year.

Satvik Kandru, Staff Member

September 18, 2017

The CHS tennis team is getting ready for another state championship title win this year. The team preparation is occurring frequently. “We are practicing almost every day, and doing drills to improve ourselves individually, and just help the team come as one,” senior  Patrick Fletchall said. Fl...