Military Branches


Know the difference between sections in the armed forces

By Renny Logan
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Coast Guard

The Coast Guard and its Reserve are in charge of protecting the nation’s coasts, maritime safety and resources, etc. The Coast Guard also plays an important role in national defense as well as protecting natural resources.

Marine Corps

The Marine Corps is commonly referred to as a “rapid reaction force.” It is both on land and sea and is the first set of troops sent into an area, as well as the first out.

Air Force

The Air Force itself is divided into three sections: the Air Force, the Air Force Reserve and the Air National Guard. According to, the Air Force and the Air Force Reserve serve to “protect the nation’s interest in air, space and cyberspace.” While the Air Force plays a role in technology and electronic warfare, the Air National Guard is responsible for air defense and helps in the case of national disaster.


Like the Air Force, the Army is divided into the Army, the Army Reserve and the Army National Guard. The Army’s role is to secure an area and has 10 different job categories as well as 200 enlisted jobs. The Army National Guard is the only branch required by the Constitution. Also, each state is required to have its own Army National Guard.


The Navy and Navy Reserve secure peace and stability on the seas. The Navy offers probably the greatest amount of jobs than any of the other branches. With 39 job categories, three major operating groups and 1,000 career specialties, there’s plenty of options for anyone interested in this branch.