Senate reminds SRTs of Care to Share

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By Aili Arnell
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After finishing the successful canned food drive, Senate is planning to move on to other events. Care to Share will take place from Nov. 11 through Dec. 16. Every SRT class who is willing to participate is assigned a person to buy items for during this holiday season.

Senate sponsor Michelle Foutz said “We choose families in the Indianapolis area that are not fortunate enough to buy gifts. Everyone deserves to have a good holiday and to receive gifts. This event assures that people who are less fortunate receive gifts.”

Steven Brisley, Senate member and junior, said, “I really hope that people participate. This is something that is really important. Please donate.”

According to Brisley, Every SRT will be given a suggested list of items to donate to their specified family. Items must be brand new to be accepted.

Foutz said, “It’s important around the holidays to help others and not to get caught up in receiving. People should give more. Learning to be giving at an early age, kids will learn the value of giving and helping others.”