JV Men’s Basketball Update


By Ryan Duffy
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The junior varsity men’s basketball team kicks off its season right before the varsity squad takes the court next Wednesday. The home game against Brownsburg will start at 6 p.m.

A few changes were made in the coaching staff in the off season, and this year’s JV squad will be directed by a new coach, Steve Drabyn.

Alec Peterson, JV center and sophomore, said he thinks Coach Drabyn is ready to lead this team to a successful season. “Our new coach knows what he is doing and I believe we will be able to win games. He has been able to quickly learn about our program and understand how things are run,” Peterson said.

Varsity Head Coach Mark Galloway said he feels confident in the team’s ability to succeed this season. “We have a great mix of freshmen, sophomores and juniors that are talented. I think they will perform well and have a successful season,” Galloway said.

Peterson said he agrees with Galloway. “I feel like we will do very well this season. We just need to stick together and play as a team. As long as we play hard and smart, everything else will take care of itself.”