Improvements to come this year in Rising Stars club

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By: Hera Ashraf <>

As a new change for this coming year, Rising Stars starts fresh this fall. With new officers and sponsors, Rising Stars begins a new year by bringing their club to the next level.

Jim Peterson is the new sponsor of Rising Stars. He said the club is bringing many improvements. “We are planning to improve participation and make our activities attractive,” Peterson said.

In the fall, Rising Stars will be doing a number of activities. Ella Raymont, president of Rising Stars and senior said, “We will be doing the Studio One Acts beginning in fall. It’s going to be the first show in the season. Before, they were performed in March.”

Along with the Studio One Acts, Rising Stars will also be electing their two freshmen representatives, one representative at large and one technical representative.

These aren’t the only activities Rising Stars is preparing. “We have a lot of activities planned for (this) year. We will have entertainment at our meetings, social activities, conferences and a banquet at the end of the year,” Peterson said.

Raymont said she plans to make Rising Stars more of a visual arts club, not just drama. She also said that she plans to have fundraisers and car washes.

Although there won’t be many major changes, Rising Stars is improving their involvement in the club and making sure everyone is having fun. Raymont said, “I want to make the club more personal. I want to make sure everyone is involved.”