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Alright, well, in my last post I said I would write about my favorite moments of Homecoming week. Buuuuuuuuut I was having too much fun participating in the festivities that I had no time to report on them. So now even though the game has been rescheduled for tomorrow, it’s kind of a bummer but also kind of a blessing because now I have time to relive my last Homecoming week with all of you.

Let’s start with my favorite part of Homecoming: spirit days. I don’t understand why people don’t dress up for these. Every other day of the year, most students worry about their image, but for this one week, the stupider and more outrageous the costume, the better. I saw guys dressed as fairies and princesses on Disney Day, and people covered in neon on Neon Day.  For Superhero Day, I wore a platypus tail all day for my Perry the Platypus costume, and my friend went all out- even her socks had capes on them.

In past years, I never went too crazy with dress up days until I realized that the people having the most fun during the week were the people who put the most effort into their costumes. So many people think this week is meant for a certain group of students, but in reality, it’s just for any Greyhound wanting to show their spirit. I was especially disappointed with whoever didn’t dress for Stay Classy Day. I mean I guess I can understand the character days, but Stay Classy? I just hope the blisters my heels gave me made up for all the students in sweats on Thursday.

I always dress up during the week each year, but for the first time this year I went to playhouse building. Not only was it fun because our theme was Legos, and I love Legos, but also because it’s really cool seeing each class work together. Plus I discovered with enough painter’s tape, I can paint in a straight line. Quite the accomplishment. All the houses are pretty good, but obviously none of them stand a chance to the seniors’. Sorry none of the rest of you have the magical artistic powers of Tori Campbell. :] But for real, it’s awesome that we can have all this competition between classes that ultimately benefits our respective charities. Yay Carmel for helping the community. (And that’s not meant to be sarcastic even though most of the things I say are.) The only bad thing about playhouse building is that after I went home, went to Orange Leaf and came back home, I realized my entire right leg was covered in red paint. Thanks for telling me, world. -_- Also, I didn’t get to watch the trike races, but at least we got to see the final heat down at the stadium today.

Which finally brings me to the most exciting hours of the week: the Homecoming football game! Which of course includes Tailgate for Life, the best tailgate ever. And so what if I’m a little biased as a Cabinet member? Unlimited food, human foosball and raising money for the American Cancer Society. I don’t really see any reason not to come. Except for maybe a few lightning strikes, a few dark clouds and some hail. Oh, and to the House members trying to sign in when the crazy rain began, I was not about to check you in while the parking lot was ready to blow away. I guess I should’ve put up a sign, “Please wait until after the downpour to receive House points.” Or not. But anyways, as you should know by now, the game is rescheduled for Saturday at noon. SEE YOU ALL THERE! Everyone should come for obvious reasons, but if you need another, I’ll be running one of the flags. So you can turn to your neighbor and say, “Hey, that’s the girl who writes that awesome blog for the HiLite.” And then I will smile at you.

Yay! Okay, that’s all for now. I’m going to try to write more often because I hate to have my fabulous readers suffer between entries.

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