Students work local haunts


While most students spend the month of October hunting for the most thrilling haunted house, junior Benjamin “Ben” Burdick is the face behind the mask. Burdick has been volunteering at the Children’s Museum Haunted House for four years now. He has this opportunity because his mother is a member of the Guild, the organization that designs and operates the house every year.

“It’s fun scaring children and providing them with a frightening Halloween experience,” Burdick said.

Although most of the haunted house’s patrons are children, there is still some risk to being a haunter, Burdick said. “Once, a kid swung his arm out when I scared him,” he said. “He ended up scraping me across the neck. It left a big red mark that took some time to heal.”On Sept. 31, teens that were scheduled to haunt had to attend Teen Haunting Orientation where they learned how to handle situations like Burdick’s along with all of the haunted house’s regulations. Teens are required to go to this event in order to haunt at the Children’s Museum.

Allison Steck, “Head Witch” at the Children’s Museum Haunted house said, “This is a great chance for teens to not only earn hours of community service for various organizations that they may be involved in but they also get to have a great time dressing up and scaring our guests.”
The majority of haunters at the Children’s Museum are teens and their efforts are much appreciated. “We love our teen haunters because they are the best,” Steck said. “They’re scary, they’re friendly, they’re whatever we need them to be and we look forward to them being here.”
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