NHS officers explore new options

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By: Vannie Yu <[email protected]>

This year, the National Honor Society (NHS) ushers in new leaders along with potential new changes to the organization’s policies and activities. Gizele Rubeiz, NHS vice president and senior, plans to bring fresh ideas to the plate.

“One thing I definitely have talked about improving is getting NHS more involved with the Save Sudan benefit concert and just making that huge,” Rubeiz said.

“Also, my orchestra director and I have talked about possibly getting a program started for those who teach an instrument and they can earn hours through that. It’s similar to the NHS tutoring offered on PLC Late Starts.”

According to Rubeiz, extra activities to the organization won’t push out past events that have always been available to members.

“It’s always a good thing to give back to the community, and NHS provides its members with that opportunity,” Rubeiz said.

“In addition, you can participate in such activities with your friends, so you can have fun while you, say, sort carnations or sell final exam survival kits.”

With the assorted volunteer activities presented to NHS seniors comes also a possible new change in the organization that won’t affect them.

The current minimal requirement for prospective students looking to qualify for induction into the society exists at possessing a 3.3 GPA.

However, according to NHS sponsor Deborah Haire, potential adjustments might be made as plans are being discussed with the Principal John Williams for the academic requirement to be increased to a 3.5 GPA.

If this change were to definitely happen, it would make entry into NHS even more restricted and also lessen the pool of qualified applicants.